Presence of God


It is possible to experience the presence of God in your life continuously thru the day and the night. This is accomplished thru the power of the Holy Spirit. If you do not have an intimate relationship with Christ, you will probably not understand this concept. 

Knowing Jesus as your Lord and Savior make it possible for you to live in the presence of our Father God and you never walk alone. I can attest to this fact, for He does it for me. 

There is not a website large enough to contain what God has done for me by living and walking in His presence. I can tell you that it is a most AWESOME experience to have an intimate relationship with God and I would not trade it for everything in this world. Yes, there have been some really tough times, but even then He has said "look not to the left or the right, but look to me and I will guide you through." This comes from knowing Jesus. To meet Him, continue to the section "About Us / Meet Jesus."